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Discover your strength and live a life of purpose and meaning.

Our 18-month Bible training program is specially designed to grow you as a believer and equip you to live successfully. You’ll build a solid biblical foundation to help you thrive in your church, community, career, relationships, and family. We understand what it’s like to want more of God and be prepared for His plan. For over 30 years, we have trained over 20,000 men and women to find and fulfill God’s plan for their lives. We want to help you discover what God has for you as you live a life that makes a difference in the world.


Short Courses

Join our online short courses, where you learn about specific Bible topics and other key topics in living a spiritual, godly and purposeful life.


18-Month Study Program

Be a part of our bible college program, which spans 18 months of bible study and advanced biblical studies, such as eschatology.



Join our quarterly webinars, to learn more about key biblical discussions, such as expository lessons on the fourth man in the Bible.


Scope of Learning

Our curriculum covers a wide range of theological and biblical topics, as well as practical skills that are essential for ministry and service. 

Biblical Histories

Our college's Biblical history teaches the enduring stories of faith and divinity, from Genesis to Jesus Christ's teachings. Students gain insightful guidance for today's challenges.


At our Bible college, music is more than melody; it's a powerful vessel for spiritual expression and worship. Through dynamic courses and practical training, students harness the transformative potential of music to uplift souls, foster community, and glorify God.


Our Bible college examines eschatology with depth and nuance, exploring end-time events and their theological implications. Through rigorous inquiry, students gain insight into diverse interpretations of eschatological teachings, preparing them for complex theological landscapes.


Our mission's heartbeat is evangelism, empowering students to share God's love and salvation boldly. We equip evangelists with practical training and theological understanding to authentically engage diverse communities, fostering genuine connections, and inspiring faith journeys.

Learn the Bible
and get to know Jesus

From Old and New Testament studies to Christian Counseling, Leadership, and various Ministry-focused disciplines. At GAC Bible College, we strive to equip our students with a deep and well-rounded understanding of the Word of God, and to prepare them for a lifetime of service and ministry.


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